Gran Associates believes in working together for safety—at work, at home, and in our communities. Our culture encourages each of us to make safe choices for ourselves and our colleagues. Which is why we’ve taken some pro-active precautionary measures to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.



COVID-SAFE Workplace

Our office is registered with NSW Health as a COVID-SAFE workplace. We have a COVID-SAFE plan which includes protocols and practices to keep staff and visitors safe. Please contact us if you would like to see our plan.

Remote working

All of our staff are equipped to work at home or from the office, as circumstances dictate. Wherever we work, our teams remain connected with each other and our clients – whether in person or remotely. Our office processes and our IT infrastructure have been expanded to support remote teams. 


Security and Technical capability

Our remote working arrangements provide our people with a highly secure connection to clients and to project work with minimal loss in productivity. Our network is designed to provide for business risks, business-continuity management risks, and emergency response planning.

Site Inspections and Meetings

Where site inspections and face-to- face meetings are required, our staff are committed to maintaining social distancing and appropriate PPE and hygiene.


Our response to the pandemic protects the health of our people, continues to provide for essential activities, and minimises the disruption to clients, colleagues and services. We appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to providing the high quality service our clients have always expected.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Reed or Tony Kemeny should you require any further information or clarification.