Royal Womens Hospital Fertility Research Centre


NSW Health- South East Sydney Local Health District


Randwick, NSW


The Fertility & Research Centre (FRC) is Australia’s first holistic centre to combine basic and clinical research with comprehensive in-vitro fertilization (IFV) and assisted reproduction treatment (ART) and services for all patients, regardless of socio-economic status. A key focus of the FRC is to offer prompt service to preserve the fertility of oncology patients who may be rendered infertile by their treatment in the adjacent oncology services facility.

While one objective of this project was to provide physical facilities suitable for the consulting rooms and ultrasound operations of the Fertility Research Centre, at the very heart of this project was another hugely important requirement: to provide a comforting, non-clinical, welcoming and calm reception and waiting area for patients. The waiting area is divided into smaller zones to enhance privacy. We used timber features, soft, domestic-scale lighting, and cosy textile finishes to create a subdued, calm, domestic, supportive environment for patients who are often dealing with intensely stressful situations.

The second phase of the project, due for completion by mid-2019, provides an embryology lab and embryo transfer clinic.

Key Project Members:

from Gran: Peter Reed and from Shelmerdine Consulting Engineers: Don Powell, Darren Rossington