Wollongong Hospital Birthing Unit


NSW Health – Illawarra and Shoalhaven Local Health District


Wollongong, NSW – Dharawal Country


Gran undertook a complete refurbishment of Wollongong Hospital’s Birthing unit. The new facility, opened in July 2020, offers seven state-of-the art birthing suites.

The design revolved around the notion of making a soothing, warm, welcoming space for women to birth their babies in a calm and domestic environment. Simultaneously, the ward is fully equipped with all of the technology needed should a medical or surgical intervention be required. Hi-tech equipment is kept right at hand, but in specially designed cabinetry so that it’s not obvious and threatening.

The hospital was keen to offer women a range of facilities and options to aid their labour, so some of the suites are equipped with items like birthing baths and Rebozo slings.

A core element of all of the design ideas is that the birthing mother is at the very center of the space. The anthropomorphic reception desk in the shape of a pregnant belly is a warm and relatable welcome to the women and their support team as they arrive. We’re told that everyone rubs it!

Key Project Members:

Tony Kemeny, Peter Reed, Patricia Mellick