Amity College – Leppington Campus


Amity College


Leppington NSW


In 2018 Gran began work on a masterplan then a schematic design for a new campus of Amity College, a non-denominational school with existing campuses in Prestons, Auburn and Shellharbour. Amity’s mission is to create a school environment that is conducive to learning in all aspects of life. The concept of community –school, local and the broader community – is integral to the school’s  outlook and the design of the new campus supports this philosophy.

The NSW Government has granted State Significant Development Approval for a new K-12 school, with an eventual capacity of 1,000 students. The school is being developed in stages over several years, commencing with K-1 in the first year. Early works and site preparation were completed at the end of 2021. Construction of Stage 1 is currently in progress.

The new school will support C21 activity based, flexible learning. The design encompasses a flexible and adaptable system of modules to suit different groups and activities as well as supporting teaching practices that will evolve over time. Modules are two and three storeys high and each includes a wide central connecting space with light wells to bring natural light deep into the buildings. These light wells also provide for movement, connections, and spaces for flexible learning and group activities.

Links between the modules provide permeability for cross connections and service spaces while maintaining separation between the modules. The central space where the library, canteen and administration are found is designated the “heart of school” – where the whole school comes together. The multipurpose halls are located adjacent to the future parkland reserve to provide for indoor/outdoor connections and broader community use.

Key Project Members:

Michael Clarke, Peter ReedAndrzej Romanczuk, Badhon Maksud