Andrzej (Andrew) Romanczuk
M Arch
NSW Reg No 10386

I have a zeal for sustainable and thermally efficient architecture – I’m from cold Europe!

Andrzej hails from Poland, and gained his M Arch from Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland.

“I’m also known as Andrew – it’s easier to pronounce for non-Polish people!”

Since moving to Australia in 2013, Andrzej has registered with the NSW Architecture Board.

“Working in cold Europe enhanced my knowledge of thermal bridging, thermal mass and how moisture travels within building fabric. Designing for thermal efficiency contributes to the sustainability of the building.”

Fun Facts: Andrej, like Peter, also played drums in a band at one point in his life! He’s also worked as a lifesaver, and at the age of 16 took up diving as a hobby.