Julie Reed
BSc Hons

I’m in awe of the quality of work Gran produces.

Julie is one of two support staff in the office. Although Julie’s academic qualifications include environmental studies and sculpture, at Gran she assists with office administration, and special projects like digital conversion, systems review, IT strategy, HR policy and business development.

Like most of the Gran team, she has lived and worked all over the world, in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and Spain.

In that time she’s managed to have several careers, spanning research, teaching (writing, ESL, mathematics, health ecology), statistical design, mathematical operations research, systems analysis, project management, IT consulting, curriculum design and technical instruction.

Fun Fact:

Despite all of the above, Julie’s real passion is for making art. She’s a complete mathematical nerd who counts EVERYTHING and has a strong theoretical grasp of trigonometry. But she continues to horrify architects with an artist’s wanton abandonment of the rules of vanishing point perspective.

“My pet peeve? What I call archi-speak! Though it sometimes makes me giggle, I shake my head at some of the pompous and impenetrable purple prose found in some architectural publications.”

Julie is a ruthless reviewer of documents. When she comes across really long sentences her mantra is :

“If it says two things, it’s TWO sentences!”