Milan Bubalo
Dip Arch Tech

My favorite part about working at Gran is collaborating and developing projects as part of a larger team collective and resolving complex challenges.

Milan joined Gran in 2012, bringing strong technical skills in architectural drafting. At Gran, Milan’s projects often focus on interiors and refurbishments, particularly in the tertiary education sector. Milan enjoys being involved in the whole design lifecycle: site coordination, client briefing, feasibility and planning phases including design, documentation and delivery of detailed construction projects.

Milan’s mantra:

“The bigger the challenge the better the project.”

“A design isn’t finished until someone is using it.”

Fun fact:

“I am one of identical twins. This used to be unusual, until I worked at Gran. Now I find they are everywhere – Laurie is an identical twin, and Tony has identical twin daughters. But I’ve worked here longer than Laurie, and I’m older than Tony’s daughters, so I can say that on this team, I’m an ORIGINAL twin!”